There are some pretty good theatre companies in the state and they put on a good show every week

Weekend Activities

Are you wondering what to do with the weekend? If so, you have come to the right place.

Activities ideas

This article contains a list of activities that will leave you with a list of ideas for what to do this weekend. Whether you are new in town and don’t know where to go or whether you are out on the weekends and just want something fun, there is something for you to enjoy. If it’s not raining or too hot outside of course. Hiking is always fun and much more rewarding than going to a bar. Camping is also more accessible than in the past years due to advances in technology. Check more details about stag party here.


Photography is one of the best hobbies out there. You can go on a hike, to the beach, to a park, to the countryside and take pictures of everything. If you’re into framing pictures then this is perfect for you because there are lots of places where you can sell your photos.

Live Music

There are lots of live music events in the state and you can go out every weekend to see some bands that are touring around or to see some local bands. You can go see an acoustic band and drink beer, check out a hard rock band, or just listen to some local musicians play at a bar or in one of the open areas near the waterfront. Click here to know more about Hen weekend here.


What are you going to do on a hot day? The waterfront is pretty much always open and there are lots of things to do there (besides getting drunk). You can go for a walk, for a bike ride, you can go kayaking, you can go swimming in the lake, you could try paddle boarding if that’s your thing.

Go Hiking or Camping

Another good thing about being at the waterfront is there are always some free outdoor-y concerts going on.

If you’re into fashion and love shopping for clothes or just looking for a good pair of shoes then this is the perfect way to spend your weekend. 


There are some pretty good theatre companies in the state and they put on a good show every week. You can spend an hour in a theatre with some drinks and popcorn, it’s a much better alternative to staying at home and watching the same movie all weekend. A place where you can find everything from paintings to sculptures, including the best stand-up comedy acts around.

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It’s a classic and if you’re into sports this is one of the best activities for you. You can go golfing with friends, family or a group of people you don’t know but are going to meet on that day. And if you get bored at the golf course, there is always a bar next to it or close by where you can have a few drinks. Snowboarding is more of a hobby than an activity, but it’s a fun one. If you’re into extreme sports then snowboarding is perfect for you. You can do it every weekend and have great times doing so. Weekends are indeed free time to do whatever you want with your friends and family. But you need to plan before deciding what you want to do and listen to your friends so that no one feels left out. The above weekend activities are the best ones to enjoy the weekend with friends or family.