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Advantages and disadvantages

Bars and clubs are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be small hidden places or large flashy destinations.


No matter how they are presented, bars are all about drinking while clubs are typically more geared towards dancing. Bars and clubs both have the same goal of providing their customers with an enjoyable experience which includes consuming alcohol; however the way they go about doing it differs greatly. Bars and clubs differ greatly in the way they are organized, the type of alcohol they sell, décor and many other areas.

Flashy Places

These can be small, hidden or flashy places which can be a good place to meet new people. A person can get a new experience and meet new people.


They are usually located near highways, good parking, and easy access. Bars and clubs give you an opportunity to learn the dance moves that are popular today in order to impress others


Bars and clubs are usually open 24 hours a day so they can satisfy the people who work during the day as well as those that stay up late. Everybody has a good time

Advantages and disadvantages of Bars and Clubs

Bars and clubs provide an outlet for people who cannot get out at night to socialize with friends or simply relax without being in the house or yard.

There are times when a person may want to get out of the house and meet new people, or just get out of the house all together


Some bars do not check for ID so it is very easy to get alcohol, which could result in binge drinking or other problems related to alcohol consumption. You can meet new people and make new friends .You can catch up with old friends. Bars can be very crowded when it is crowded in the night, which could make it hard to get a good drink. The music may not be something you like or it could be inappropriate.
Bars are loud, and noisy which can be annoying or distracting .Alcohol is usually expensive, so if a person is on a tight budget, the drinks could cost an arm and a leg. Some bars are loud and it can be hard to talk with the person next to you.



Overall bars and clubs are both fun and enjoyable places to spend a night out. However, the way they are presented varies greatly. These places may be small and cozy or large and flashy, but they all serve on purpose which is to sell alcohol. It is up to the clientele to have a good time in either place; however it is also up to the owners of the establishments where these amazing experiences occur.Drunk people can be annoying and sometimes aggressive. People often get drunk in bars and end up in fights which could result in an uncomfortable experience for other people around them who are trying to have a good time. Some bars have an unpleasant “stench” that strays from all the alcohol that is served or the type of clientele that comes in there. People may be rude in bars because many of them believe that their “right” to drink alcohol is more important than their good manners. Some people think the places are dirty, which can be true if not well maintained. Some people could get too drunk and not even remember where they are or what happened to them. Bars and clubs can get a bad reputation after a tragic incident happens