There are some pretty good theatre companies in the state and they put on a good show every week

Benefits of Weekend Activities

If you love the feeling of being outdoors, finding new places to visit, or playing with your four-legged friends on a sunny day, then this article is for you.


A weekend can be so interesting and exciting that it is hard to imagine what could make it better than that one “perfect” time we call Saturday and Sunday. A study by University of Vermont researcher, Heather Urry, showed that spending time outdoors can help you feel happier. A walk through the park could be just as good for your health as jogging on a treadmill. Enjoying the fresh air and gentle exercise of walking can burn off calories.


Studies show that while you are sleeping, your muscles are at rest and this is important to your health. It is also important for your body to get rest every day since it replenishes the energy reserves that it has.


Most of us do not get enough time outside, according to research by the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Children’s Sleep Foundation (CSF).


A study done by the University of Chicago’s School of Public Health showed that volunteers who took regular walks saw a decrease in their risk of heart attacks, stroke and death.

It can improve your life

Another study by a team at the University of California-Berkeley showed that walking can lower your chances of obesity and high cholesterol.

Although we can get the same benefit from jogging, walking is less strenuous on your body and it also makes you feel better.


Although there are many ways to engage your mind when you go outside, reading a book might be one of the best. Several studies have proven that reading a book is good for your health and increases your brain health. Many parents complain about always being busy, even on the weekends. If you’re spending time with your children, it can make them feel even closer to you than ever before. Spending quality time with them can make all the difference in the world for their mental and physical health. Feelings of happiness also rose during their Sunday leisure time walks. That makes helping your children get the right amount of sleep even more important.

It helps you keep in shape


For some people, going outside just feels good because it makes them feel like kids again. Playing outside with your kids or walking the neighborhood have the same effect on many people. Although it may be tempting to keep yourself from things at home, this is one activity that you might want to stay away from. Studies show that people who are distracted by thinking about things at home usually miss out on opportunities for happiness and pleasure in their lives. These benefits can also be extended to seniors and teenagers. Keeping yourself from going outside even for a little bit of time can have lasting effects on your overall health, making you less happy and less healthy. If you are wondering if it’s just a waste of time, remember that finding happiness is never a waste. Spending your weekend with the things that make you happy might actually help in keeping you alive and well for many years to come.