There are some pretty good theatre companies in the state and they put on a good show every week

Favorite Weekend Activities

Every weekend, I would like to sleep in, stay home and relax. However much of a task that is, waking up and taking care of the house is always an important part of my day.


There are many things that can be done around the house and also some things that should be cleaned or taken care of as well. Eating is probably the most important part of the weekend, and cleaning is the very last thing that one should be doing. The cleaning can take up all day, so it’s a good idea to start early in the morning. Once you have cleaned your room and then started on the rest of your house, it’s time to make some meals. There are some foods that I like to cook and others that I hate to cook. One of my favorite foods to cook is spaghetti, it is not hard to cook and it’s delicious.

Great Idea

Eating out with family or friends is always a great idea, but cooking for yourself or for your family can be very rewarding as well.


Gardening is something that I love to do, as well as my wife. You don’t have to be a gardener in order to enjoy gardening.


I like to garden on the porch because it gives you time to think through everything and it’s also nice outside during the summer.

Here are favorite weekend activities

Reading is another great activity that one can do without having to buy many books. There are so many different books that you can read and when one finishes reading a book, there is always something else just waiting for you.

Fishing is a very relaxing activity that you can do with someone else, but it’s also fun to do by yourself as well. The internet has some really good websites where you can learn all about fishing.


Golfing is a very active sport that everyone in the family can play, and I love to play golf because it also gives me time to relax and think about things. One of my favorite things to do as a weekend activity is to clean the house. I don’t like cleaning too much, but I also don’t like to let anything get dirty. When I clean, it’s not about getting everything done in one day, but it’s about having everything nice enough for my family to come home and relax.



I love to read, golf, fishing and gardening. I have a lot of hobbies as well, but there are only a few that I like to do more than the others. The next thing that I like to do on the weekend is to garden. This is an activity that my wife and I enjoy doing together, and it’s also important for our health too because it has many health benefits for you as well as your family members or guests that you are going to have over for dinner. There are many things that can be done on the weekend, and everyone will have some different ideas. After reading this article, think about what you like to do on the weekend, and maybe even share with other people.