Build My Life Chords: A Step by Step Learning Guide

Build My Life Chords

Build My Life, a powerful modern worship song has resonated with countless hearts. Its lyrics express devotion and a desire to live a life anchored in faith. If you’ve been captivated by this song and want to play it yourself, this guide is for you! We’ll break down the Build My Life chords, and strumming patterns, and even explore some variations to personalize your performance.

Easy Build My Life Chords for Beginners

Build My Life Chords

The beauty of “Build My Life” lies in its accessibility. The song uses just four basic chords, making it perfect for guitarists of all skill levels. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • G major (G)
  • C major (C)
  • D major (D)
  • Bm minor (Bm)

These Build My Life chords are some of the most common in popular music. So, if you’re new to guitar, learning them will open doors to a vast world of songs.

Putting It Together: Verse by Verse

The song starts with a simple intro using the G major chord. Strum it a few times to establish the tempo and feel. Then, the verses kick in with a back-and-forth between G and C major chords. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Intro: G (strum a few times)
  • Verse 1: G – C – G – C (repeat)

The lyrics in the first verse talk about God’s worthiness and how we live for Him. As you play, focus on smooth transitions between the chords. Remember, it’s not about speed. It’s about expressing the emotions of the song.

Building the Chorus: A Shift in Tone

The chorus takes a different turn with a more uplifting feel. Here, you’ll introduce the Bm minor chord:

  • Chorus: G – Bm – C – G (repeat)

The lyrics in the chorus speak of God’s holiness, the desire to see Him, and being led by His love. Pay attention to the shift in chord type from major (G and C) to minor (Bm). This creates a subtle contrast that reflects the message of the song. His Explanation Build My Life Chords.

Bridge and Outro: Building on the Foundation

The bridge introduces a new element – the D major chord. It adds a sense of resolve and reinforces the message of building your life on a strong foundation:

  • Bridge: G – Bm – C – D (repeat)

The lyrics in the bridge talk about building your life on God’s love and trusting in Him completely. The D major chord adds a touch of strength and determination to the message.

The song concludes with a return to the familiar G and C chords, creating a sense of closure and peace:

Build My Life Chords
  • Outro: G – C (strum a few times and fade out)

Finding Your Style

The suggested strumming pattern for “Build My Life” is a simple down-down-up-down pattern. However, feel free to experiment! Here are some variations you can try:

  • Down-strum everything: This creates a driving, energetic feel.
  • Up-strum everything: This gives the song a more introspective and gentle vibe.
  • Strumming on the downbeats only: This emphasizes the melody and creates a more relaxed atmosphere.

Ultimately, the best strumming pattern is the one that resonates with you and complements your playing style. Find More Info LifeStyle.

Adding Flourishes

Once you feel comfortable with the basic Build My Life chords and strumming, you can explore ways to personalize your performance. Here are some ideas:

  • Palm muting

This technique involves resting the palm of your picking hand on the strings near the bridge. It creates a percussive sound that can add depth to your strumming. You can try palm muting on specific sections like the bridge.

  • Inversions

Inversions involve playing the notes of a chord in a different order. This can create a slightly different sound without changing the overall harmony.

  • Add jazzy chords

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try substituting some of the original chords with more complex jazzy chords like Cmaj7 or Dsus4.

  • Use a bass line

Adding a bass line can create a fuller sound and provide a supporting line for the chords. You can find bass tabs online or come up with your simple bass line.

Final Thoughts

Learning to Build My Life is more than just mastering chords and strumming patterns. It’s about expressing your faith through music. As you strum your guitar and sing these lyrics, let the message resonate within you. Let the music be a way to build your life on the base of your faith, one note at a time.

So grab your guitar, practice these Build My Life chords, and let the music be your guide. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to play. The most important thing is to let your faith shine through in your music!


What chords are in “Build My Life?”

Build My Life uses just 4 chords: G, C, D, and Bm – perfect for beginners!

Is “Build My Life” hard to play on guitar?

No! With just basic chords, “Build My Life” is a great song to learn for new guitarists. 

What strumming pattern should I use for “Build My Life?”

Try a simple down-down-up-down pattern, but you can try to find your style! 

Are there any variations for Build My Life chords?

Yes! Explore palm muting, fingerpicking, or using a capo to personalize your performance. 

Where can I find a tutorial for Build My Life chords?

Many Online resources offer tutorials. Search “Build My Life chords” and find your perfect fit!

What’s the message behind the Build My Life song?

The song speaks about devotion and building your life on a foundation of faith.