Georgia Tech Baseball Roster: Meet the Yellow Jackets

Georgia Tech Baseball Roster

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets baseball program boasts a rich history and a huge fan base. With the 2024 season approaching, fans are eager to know about the Georgia Tech baseball roster and get to know the players who will be leading the charge.

Breaking Down the Georgia Tech Baseball Roster:

The Georgia Tech baseball roster consists of talented athletes from across the country. The team features a mix of experienced upperclassmen and promising newcomers. All are working together to achieve success on the field.


The pitching staff is an important part of any successful baseball team. Georgia Tech boasts a diverse group of pitchers with varying strengths and styles. They include hard-throwing starters, reliable relievers, and shutdown closers. Below given are some of the key players to watch:

  • Drew Compton
  • Jackson Finley
  • Terry Busse, Jake DeLeo


The infielders are responsible for fielding ground balls and making key plays throughout the game. Georgia Tech’s infielders possess strong defensive skills and the ability to contribute offensively as well. Here are some of the infielders mentioned to watch

  • Stephen Reid
  • Kristian Campbell
  • Drew Shields


The outfielders are responsible for covering a large area and making difficult catches. Georgia Tech’s outfielders are known for their speed, agility, and ability to track down fly balls. Below are the main outfielders to watch:

  • Luke Waddell
  • Bryce Ross
  • Josh Haynie

Players Positions and Experience in Georgia Tech Baseball Roster


  • Drew Compton (RHP, Senior): Preseason All-American, dominant starter with a 3.01 ERA and 117 strikeouts in 2023.
  • Jackson Finley (RHP, Sophomore): Two-way threat with power hitting and pitching potential, posted a 2.89 ERA in relief appearances last season.
  • Terry Busse (RHP, Junior Transfer): Experienced transfer with a 3.29 ERA and 44 strikeouts in his previous season.
  • Jake DeLeo (LHP, Junior): Recovering from injury, but has shown promise as a reliable pitcher with a 3.56 ERA in 2022.

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  • Stephen Reid (1B, Junior): Junior slugger with a .333 batting average and 16 home runs last season.
  • Kristian Campbell (2B, Freshman): Highly-touted freshman ranked No. 25 impact freshman in the ACC, known for his defensive prowess.
  • Drew Shields (SS, Sophomore): Consistent defender with a .278 batting average and 25 stolen bases in 2023.


  • Luke Waddell (CF, Senior): Team leader with a .314 batting average and 42 stolen bases last season.
  • Bryce Ross (LF, Sophomore): Speedy outfielder with 12 home runs and 35 RBIs in 2023.
  • Josh Haynie (RF, Junior): Defensive specialist with a strong arm and a .262 batting average.


  • Tyler Minnick (C, Sophomore): Reliable backstop with a .250 batting average and strong defensive skills.

This is just a sample of key players. The full roster with detailed information can be found on the official Georgia Tech Athletics website.

 Following the Georgia Tech Baseball Roster:

Staying updated on the Georgia Tech baseball roster allows fans to connect with the players and follow their progress throughout the season. Here are some chanels to stay updated:

  • Official Website: The Georgia Tech Athletics website provides the accurate information about the team. It includes the roster, player profiles, and game schedules.
  • Social Media: Follow the Georgia Tech baseball roster on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. By following you can get update with behind-the-scenes content, player updates, and game highlights.
  • News and Media: Local media outlets and sports websites often cover the Georgia Tech baseball team. They provide news, analysis, and interviews with players and coaches.

Final Thoughts

The Georgia Tech baseball roster is filled with talented players who are dedicated to representing the Yellow Jackets with pride. By knowing about the team’s composition and key players, fans can gain a deeper understanding of the game. They can support their favorite athletes throughout the season. As the Georgia Tech baseball team continues to develop and compete, the future looks bright for the Yellow Jackets.


Where can I find the Georgia Tech Baseball Roster?

Check the official website of Georgia Tech baseball roster.

Who are some key players to watch?

Follow the team’s social media for updates on stand-out players.

How can I stay updated on the team?

Follow @GTBaseball on Twitter and Instagram for news and highlights.

Are there any incoming freshmen I should know about?

Check recruiting websites for the latest on incoming talent.

What’s the team’s pitching staff like?

The website lists pitchers by position and experience.

How can I support the Georgia Tech Baseball team?

Attend games, buy merchandise, and follow the team online!