Google Hotels Seattle: Find Your Perfect Emerald City Escape

Google Hotels Seattle

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Waterfront Views: Wake Up to the Sound

Waking up to the sound of waves lapping against the shore is a dream for many travellers. Luckily, Seattle has a range of hotels that offer stunning waterfront views. The Edgewater Hotel sits right on the shores of Elliott Bay, offering guests a chance to spot passing ferries and cruise ships. The Seattle Marriott Waterfront is another excellent option, with easy access to the Seattle Aquarium and other downtown attractions. For a more intimate experience, consider the Inn at the Market, located right in the heart of Pike Place Market, with views of Puget Sound.

Romantic Getaways: Couples Retreats

For a romantic escape, Google Hotels Seattle has plenty of intimate hotels perfect for couples. The Woodmark Hotel and Still Spa offers couples’ packages and a full-service spa, while the Inn at the Market provides a cosy, romantic atmosphere in the city’s heart. The Aspira Apartments offer a more private, apartment-style option for couples seeking a home away from home. The Thompson Seattle features a rooftop bar with expansive city views, making it the perfect place for a romantic nightcap.

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Family-Friendly Fun: Hotels with Amenities

Are you travelling with kids? Look for hotels with family-friendly amenities like pools, playgrounds, and kid-friendly dining options. The Hyatt At Olive 8 features an indoor pool and a kids’ club, while the Staypineapple offers a fun, pineapple-themed atmosphere and complimentary bike rentals for exploring the city. The Belltown Pike Place Suites provide apartment-style accommodations With distinct living spaces, ideal for families needing more space.

Business Travel Ready: Amenities for Work

If you’re visiting Google Hotels Seattle for business, look for hotels with amenities tailored to business travellers’ needs. The Sheraton Grand Seattle offers a business centre, meeting rooms, and a fitness centre, while the Hotel Max provides a creative, art-filled atmosphere perfect for inspiring new ideas. The Courtyard by Marriott Seattle SeaTac Airport is an excellent option for those with early flights, offering clean, modern rooms and easy access to the airport.

Pet-Friendly Stays: Bring Your Furry Friend

Don’t leave your furry friend at home! Many of Seattle’s hotels welcome pets, including the Staypineapple and the Stay Alfred on Wall Street. Be sure to inform the hotel about their pet policies and any additional fees. The Lodge at St. Edward State Park is a unique option for pet owners, offering a tranquil retreat surrounded by lush greenery.

Last-Minute Deals: Steal a Seattle Escap

Google Hotels Seattle: If you’re looking for a last-minute getaway, watch for and Luxury Escapes deals. You can often find discounted rates on high-end hotels, especially during off-peak seasons. Just be sure to book early, as Seattle’s Hotels usually book up rapidly during the busiest travel times. The Four Seasons Hotel Seattle and the Lotte Hotel Seattle are two luxury options that may offer last-minute deals.

Final Thoughts

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What are some of the best waterfront hotels in Seattle?

The Edgewater Hotel, Seattle Marriott Waterfront, and Inn at the Market offer stunning waterfront views of Seattle.

What are some romantic hotel options for couples in Seattle?

The Woodmark Hotel and Still Spa, Inn at the Market, and Thompson Seattle are great romantic getaway options in Seattle.

What family-friendly amenities can I find at Seattle hotels?

Hotels like the Hyatt At Olive 8 and Staypineapple offer family-friendly amenities like pools, playgrounds, and kid-friendly dining.

What business travel amenities are available at Seattle hotels?

The Sheraton Grand Seattle and Hotel Max offer business-friendly amenities such as meeting rooms, business centers, and fitness centers.